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Hi Guys

Before I go any further, let me just say I can guarantee that anyone who has received plants from me, they are correctly labelled and as described. I have only passed on plants to other people where I can be certain of positive I.D.

So here is the problem, since I took over the collection of Phil Wilson a few years ago I have been struggling to ‘restore’ it and get it back into some sort of order with an up to date grow list and correct codes.

This year I have made a lot of progress and have now arranged all the plants so they’re at least under glass and in species order, I have got the VFT’s in their own greenhouse with correct grow list but now the Sarracenia need a good sorting.

There are many plants where the tags have become illegible either through either being sun bleached or, less commonly have broken and large parts are missing, several have no tags at all.

Obviously, the plants that are unidentifiable will have to stay as they are until the summer when the pitchers are up and then hopefully I have some friends who will be able to help and sort them, but my question is this, “should I rewrite a completely new grow list with new codes?” I can keep the PW codes where known as additional data but as the old PW list bares scant resemblance to what is actually growing, I think in the long run I might be better off, that option number 2, below.

The other option, I could sit down with my computer on my lap in the greenhouse and Phil’s grow list and work out what is there, what is correctly labelled, what plants I have added, what are Phil’s, what are AWOL etc etc.

I’m thinking of the former, less work and I’ll have put my own stamp on the collection and make it my own. What do you guys think?



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Hi Alex, I would take the time to write down what you know is definate or can identify from what's left of labels,then as you say wait until they grow and cross reference with phils old lists by a process of elimination.

From my experience,people will buy/want something if they actually see the plant in the flesh so to speak but if its not for example "a phil wilson" plant or a "mike king"plant with a code number they can relate to,they don't want to know.

good luck with sorting them out.


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