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I'm glad you started this thread DODE, you asked a question I was wondering about.

Now I have a few plants to look for. :-)

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Simplest european is P. grandiflora definitelly, no other can compare.

Mexican, more hybrids are very simple to cultivate, i can reccommend P. moctezumae x gigantea, its big one, well growing and flowering and tolerate to winter watering.

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about 90% of all Mexican Pinguicula need the same conditions. I have grown about 100 species and hybrids in my greenhouse (winter temperatures about 0-5°C). So in my opinion there aren't easy and difficult species (certainly there are some exceptions). Just look for those you like. It doesn't matter wheather it is P. agnata or emarginata or esseriana or moranensis....

Kind regards


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For Mexican Pinguicula you have only to choice the species you like (I think that moctezumae x gigantea is a must for beginning due to his big dimensions and continusly flowers).

Remember that it is better to use mineral substrate instead of peat for cultivate them

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