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Drosera and P. mirandae

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Dear all,

here are some recent pictures of some selected plants.

I will start with a tuberous sundew:

D. stolonifera (mini hills form): a flowering plant which is very early in its season.


Another one but more advanced:


One of its shoots


So much for the tuberous drosera. The next one is a south african species: D. cistiflora. This is the first plant I grew from seeds which will flower for a first time this season. As it seems, it will be white flowered:


This is what the whole plant looks like:


The leaves of this form are short and broad compared to my other forms. In addition this one is much smaller than the one which flowers for my each season (bought from Gert Hogenstrijd).

Now a huge jump both locally and botanically. The plants shown above are growing in my wintergarden (second floor), the next one in the basement. As Markus showed some great Pinguicula pictures recently, I also wanted to take some pictures of my plants. Well, I just had enough power for a single species and then the batteries were empty. So the other plants will have to wait until they are recharged.


My intention was to show the varying flower colour in this species (depending on flower age).

I hope you like them!



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