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Growth within 6 weeks ...


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Hi all,

wanted to share some pictures of Byblis that I was sowing at the beginning of January:


left to right: B. guehoi Kimberley; B. rorida Lake Campion; B. liniflora Kingston Rest


Byblis guehoi Kimberley (a big thanks to the donator here in the forum, contact me in 2 months if you need seed back!)


and B. liniflora from Kingston Rest


All were soaked in GAB3 for 48 h and sown under high humidity and artifical lights. Thus some of the leaves are curved because I removed the transparent hood last week. In the background some duplicates because that plants I will use to produce a larger amount of seed this year.

Kindest regards


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Great ! They look healthy :D

While I'm here, I was wondering why my Byblis liniflora grew really tall but also really thin. So thin that it felt under its own height and took too many place in my terraria. Also the space between each leaves was too "high". Don't know how too explain it in english but I hope someone understood :P

It didn't look Byblis liniflora in fact... I bought the seeds from "Rarexoticseeds".

Now it's flowering so it will die soon but I'd like to know why I had this issue before sowing it again :P

And if somebody has got seed of a small specie of Byblis... I'm here ! :D

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