hope i´m back on track

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Hi all

after a few months where none of my plants was happy in my garage. the plants finally started to grow again. I lost 9months of growth because they dont was happy and stopped growing completly.

Maybe due to the conditions? It was very cold in there but in sweden it was cold too and it was never a problem. Maybe the air in the garage is not good and contains mold-spores or whatever.

Anyway the plants was very sick and i used fungicides, insecticides and other stuff twice a month.

Still dont no why

Last month i decided to do some optimisation and wrapped my grow table in poly and it seem to work.

I also repotted everything to fresh Sphagnum.

Here some first impressions. hope the plants start to kick off again

Photo%202012-02-09%2015%2027%2006.jpg?m=1328878271 Photo%202012-02-09%2015%2027%2057.jpg?m=1328878307 Photo%202012-02-09%2015%2028%2005.jpg?m=1328878316

first new leaf on eddy since the changes


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Oooh I just love it when rare and valuable plants suddenly do what your eddy did, and chuck out a new leaf twice as big as the last one.

I wonder if the poly cover has nudged the humidity up into the perfect conditions for your plants?

Last year, I wasn't very impressed with the growth on many of my smaller plants in my greenhouse. While larger plants raced away, smaller ones didn't want to grow at all. I put the smaller ones in a propagator in the greenhouse- and with no change in temperature, they started growing well again. It was only a very small change in humidity, but the difference in growth was amazing. I wonder whether the same thing has been going on with your plants.

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Well Gareth I'm not really sure why.

Some of you might remember how I have grown my plants in Sweden.

Cold and with 50-60%humidity and there was never a problem.

Then came the disaster where I lost my collection. After this I never recovered completely from this lost and the new replacement plants always grew slow, also the move to Germany didn't helped my plants and they got even more sick with all pests and diseases in the world.

So there was nearly 2 years of bad growing neps. The helis and cephs was fine in this time.

Well Gareth since I have the poly cover there is about 90-100% humidity wich make me sick and I try to lower it but don't no how. The blower inside the table is on full power all the time and vent holes don't help.

Ok the plants are growing fine but to much humidity is not good at all for neps IMO

Scared that they get sick again :(

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Hi Jens

Long time no speak!

I think that the higher humidity will definately help them to recover, there is nothing wrong with very high humidty but it must always be in combination with good air movement or "bouyancy" in order to keep fungal problems at bay.

So it sounds as though you have provided this and now just a bit of daytime warmth should be all they need to get going properly.

All the best


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I observed that the bigger the temperature is, the higher the relative humidity should be- mayby total avarage temp. in garage is higher than in growtrailer :>?

"what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger ;)"!

Greetings, and good luck!


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