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Will these lights be OK?

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Hello. I am going to set up a terrarium for growing carnivorous plants.

I have an aquarium ( 100 cm long[39.3 inches] x 40 cm[15.7 inches] wide x 50cm[19.6 inches] high. It's volume is 200 liters [52.8 gallons]. I plan to use 2 x 24 W T5 and 2 x 39 W T5 lights. Also i will add reflectors to the light....

The lights I want to buy are Narva lights.

They have 6000K and


I am going to grow the following plants in the terrarium:

Drosera alicae

Drosera adelae

Drosera burmannii

Drosera binata (only young plants)

Drosera capensis "typical"

Drosera capensis"alba"

Drosera pygmea

Drosera oblanceolata

Drosera pulchella x nitidula

Drosera scorpiodes

Drosera spatulata

Drosera spatulata 'Frasier Island'

Nepenthes x ventrata (young plants)

Pinguicula emarginata

Utricularia bisquamata 'Betty's Bay'

Utricularia longifolia

Utricularia livida

Utricularia dichotoma

Utricularia praelonga

Utricularia parthenopipes

Utricularia subulata

Utricularia sandersonii

Stylidium debile

and a few non-carnivorous plants

Each plant is going to be in it's own pot!

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