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Genlisea sanariapoana


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A friend was showing me some pics he took in one of his trips and look what i found.. a slide of a nice plant of Genlisea sanariapoana. I am very excited about this plant being found in my country, as you can see it has a nice big flower and as I was told by Fernando (who kindly identified the picture for me) it also has huge traps.

The quality of the pic does not look so nice because i had to proyect it on the wall and take a pic with my digital camera as I have no access to a slide scanner.

Hope you like it as much as i do.

Here is a little page about the location and plants there:



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My friend Gert from Hollland took some back with him during our trip to Venezuela in August 2003. We saw tons of this beautiful species. Hopefully he still has some alive...

Take care,

Fernando Rivadavia

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I do love pictures of plants growing in the wild.

I spent 3-4 mths in that region back in 1990. I was surveying birds near the Venezuelan/Brazilian border, close to some mini tepuis too. Unfortunately, I did no CP searches: bit gutted to think now what may have been there....

Nice photo Sebastian

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