Eden Black x Self . . .

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Here's a slap-happy series of shots from a couple of centrifuge tubes this morning . . .

Cephalotus follicularis cv. "Eden Black x Eden Black"


In response to a few recent requests, The TC media is a standard 2:3 Knudsen-C with .5 ml/L NAA at a pH of 5 . . .

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Good to see they are viable. None of mine have germinated yet :(:roll:

The same happened last year,but Stephen said none of his did either.So i'll just have to wait a bit longer.


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Here is a photo of a root-forming callus (as opposed to those producing shoots or leaves) of the "selfed" seed mentioned earlier. Root formation is often the weakest link in terms of tissue cultured plants; and commercial growers -- to cut costs -- often transfer "plantlets" of many species to compost to root ex vitro. I have found that Cephalotus, in particular, is far more successful and vigorous if there is something more substantial below the soil . . .

Cephalotus follicularis "Eden Black x Self" 25 August


I was also very encouraged by the bright red coloration of the earliest "vegetative" leaves on another callus, even under the moderate lighting conditions of a growing room:


Here are a couple of other shots of root-producing calli in Muroshige-Skoog-based multiplication media -- both of which currently look like something out of an HP Lovecraft story:

28 August



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Here is the last update for 2012 of one of several Cephalotus cultures; and some do appear to look promising. A few of the calli were recently moved into a dilute MS media without any plant growth regulators . . .

Cephalotus follicularis "Eden Black x Self" 10 December


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