Auction 382 - Drosera Plant Collection

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This auction is for the Meadowview Conservation Fund

Auction 382 - Drosera Plant Collection - donated by sativ

We have 3 sets of the following Drosera for the three highest bidders.

Each set includes: 3-5 plants varying in size of each species plus there will be an extra suprise plant in each pack.

Drosera neocaledonica


Drosera hillaris (Stellenbosch mountains)


Drosera arcturi "Giant form" (Druids Scotts Peak, Tasmania)


Plants are from...


£5 will be added to cover p&p

All money (less p&p) raised will go to Meadowviews Biological Research Station

Please post your bids here..

Auction will end 6th February 2012 @ GMT 20:00 hours. The last three posts with the highest bids, with the time showing GMT 20:00 hours will be the winners.

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And just for sure- all plants will be not-acclimatised, for hardening by Your own. In case of any questions about it- please just send me PM/e-mail ;)

Postage of plants will be performed when weather conditions are appropriate. There is also possibility of fast UPS postage, but it's more expensive [bigger cities- 1-2 days, smaller- 3 days]



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