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Dear all,

One year ago I asked if someone know about some carnivorous sites in Nicaragua. I spent one year there, and will spend more time there. During some trips, I found some Utrics.

The first I found is an epíphytic plant on the Volcano Concepcion in the Ometepe Island in the south est face. It's grows near 1000m above sea level. It was flowered in September. Thanks to Kamil it said me it was U. praetermissa


The volcano


During we were climbing




The flower



The leaves



Where they grow


When I went to the caribbean coast in December, I saw 2 or 3 Utrics near Pearl Lagoon (Laguna de Perla). The photos are not so good.











I would be pleased if you can help me to find another sites there in Nicaragua. I will stay there for a long time.

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Wow, that scenery is stunning!!

The yellow aquatic Utric seems to be U.foliosa, whereas the pink one appears to be U.purpurea - if so, this would be (as far as I know) the 1st record of U.purpurea for Nicaragua. Congrats! ;)



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Hello Fernando,

I agree regarding the yellow flowered U. foliosa.

Among the pinkish-flowered plants, indeed the last flower close-up shown could be a U. purpurea. I would not be too surprised if it occurred in Nicaragua, considering that it was also found in the neighbouring countries. But some of the flowers also clearly belong to U. myriocista (which also is known from neighbouring counties already). Look at the 5th photo from this series (the more whitish flowers) : the plants have a strongly concave upper corolla lip, and a deeply trilobate lower lip, and a very long spur. Do you agree that this is U. myriocista?

All the best,


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Sorry A., but I don't see it. Looking through the CP Photofinder, all the pics of U.purpurea appear to me to have a concave upper lip. Also the spur is not pointy like U.myriocista and, most importantly, the flower scape is just not thick enough in that pic. And I definitely do not see a trilobate lower lip, but more the typical U.purpurea wide apron-like lower lip. Either way, that one flower is too out of focus to be sure.


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To be honest Fernando, I also get the impression of U. purpurea. But sure is no positive ID.

Don't get in the water. If the plants aren't too far away, maybe a tool could be used?

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