Plants to grow with highland neps


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Hi there,

Can anyone recommend other plants to grow with highland neps?

I'd like to mimic their natural habitat - I have lots of weedy ferns, but would like some other plants too.

Thanks in advanced


puh; that may be a loooong list.

Have you ever thought of some orchids? Many small epiphytic species can be mounted on bark and decorate the walls of the terrarium/greenhouse.

If you run a greenhouse and are open also for plants from South America I suggest definitely to look for orchids from the genus Dracula. They make spectacular flowers and can be easily grown in baskets that hung under the tables. They don't need much light ...

Otherwise ant ferns (lecanopteris) and ant tubers (hydnophytum and myrmecodia) grow along with nepenthes too. There are for sure also some highland varieties ...



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I also think that Dracula are great candidates and I love them. The problem that u will have if u decide to grow Dracula with highland neps is that they don't want much light, even weak light but neps will need more light for sure. I grow my Dracula orchids more to cold conditions than highland. The temps are not high than 18C during the day and 7C at night with air humidity above 90% all the time. There is cool to intermediate Draculas as well and Masdies. The plants that can be grwon in highland conditions easy if the temps drop consideraly at night, however in fact orchids u can grow easely....

Good luck!:sun_bespectacled:

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