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Andreas Fleischmann

Pinguicula on the British Isles

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Dear Pinguicula lovers,

As I haven't been very active on this forum recently, I don't know if anyone has already pointed out this piece of literature to you:

The treatment of Pinguicula for the British Isles, which is freely available at:

This comprehensive paper deals with the four British species, P. vulgaris, P. alpina, P. lusitanica, and P. grandiflora, and all four species are treated in such a detailed way (all kinds of aspects, from ecology, distribution to physiology ), like it hadn't been done in any previous treatment. A real "must" for anyone interested in European Pinguicula, not only for CP friends from the British Isles!

This article is from 2004, and only few information has to be added since:

On page 1083, point "(B) Mycorrhiza" "absent" is not quite true, as specialized endophytic fungi have been discovered in the roots of P. vulgaris quite recently (see Quilliam & Jones, 2001).

And the distribution map of P. grandiflora lacks a few (however most likely introduced) sites.

But in all other respects, this is probably the most comprehensive treatment of these four European species I have read thus far ;).

All the best,


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