Prize Raffle in aid of (but not limited to) Arc of Life


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Hi All,

I am (in conjunction with Andy) in the process of organizing a raffle in aid of the Arc of Life and other registered CP causes. (please read further posts ahead)

Details of how the raffle will work will follow, but right now, I am inviting donations of CP/Orchid/Aeroid etc related items to the prize list.

Prize donation must include postage to the winner (or state maximum contribution)

Appropriate geographical restrictions may be applied. eg live plants to EU only, seeds, books worldwide etc.

Common sense will be applied to posting prizes to allow for cold weather etc.

The raffle is likely to run for a month, and will have multiple winners equal to prize donations, just like a traditional raffle.

If you wish to pledge a prize, please post a brief description of it on this thread.

(If you prefer anonymity please PM)

Once we have a nice prize fund, we will start a new raffle thread with instructions on

how to enter.

Please offer whatever you can, large or small, so there is something of interest to everyone.

Even a single ticket sold to half the membership would produce a fantastic donation!!



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I didn't see this first time either.

Do they actually have a need for 'donations' of money? To do what ?

The 4 Nep species they are working with don't seem to take up much space at that Botanic Garden.

The web site never seems to get updated and the facebook page looks to have been 'dead' since September.

I do actually support the stated aims of AOF, but perhaps they should do a little more to communicate with people what they are doing, what they want to do and ensure the info on their web is actually acurate. When it continues to leave outdated info on there, which most of the Nep community know to be wrong/outdated - then I really do have my doubts.

If things are actually going on which do need funding, then I wish this endeavor well.

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The Ark is alive but there are a few problems. Stew is the only one who can update the website and with his trips and books he doesn't have the time to do it (so far anyway). I have the codes for the website now, but Stew needs to give me an instruction so I don't wreck to much but trying to pin him down is difficult. Perhaps a skype session......

Anyway: the plants in Leiden are doing well, there have been some addittions and donated seeds have germinated well.

Also I have some start up material ready for an Ark focussing on South African CP's which is waiting for an upload. I can put it on Facebook (that I can work) but I wanted to do both at the same time so I'm waiting for Stew.


The ark can certainly use the money and also plant donations are most welcome. We just have to streamline the processes so to speak and maybe have a couple of volunteers to help with some functions (like the bloody website, I just have the codes burning in my pocket and I know just about zero about websites :suicide_fool-edit:)

Just send Stew another mail a couple of days ago so hopefully we can set things up more efficiently in 2012. :whistling:

Sorry for the lack of information and updates guys. :flag_of_truce:

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Hi All,

Thanks for all the offers and comments thus far.

I do hope (eventually) to get quite a sizeable donation from the actual raffle, and would be most happy to see shares of the pot donated to other CP causes too.

I do not wish to dilute things too far but welcome further suggestions, maybe the 3 or 4 most popular suggestions?

This is afterall a bit of a reconnaissance thread, I want to get a feel for what you think will create a popular well supported raffle.

So far we have on offer prizes including:-

various Nep seeds

various Drosera seeds

varoius Disa seeds

Aeroid tubers

Sarra seedlings

etc etc

More prizes needed please donate

I don't wish to have raffles more than a couple of times per year so please try to make this one truly worthwhile



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