Anyone successfully growing D.uniflora?


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Hi guys,

Does anyone in this forum is successfully growing D.uniflora?

I've bought some seeds two years ago but at the moment only a single and very little plant survived and it seems very very slow growing!

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Although mine are Hybrids with Strong D.Uniflora influence, the growing needs are the same


I have about 10 plants and they grow very well in my Highland Greenhouse. The Best media too use (In my opinion) is Live Sphagnum moss or Long fiber Sphagnum mixed with Perlite 50/50. I dont keep mine sitting in water, but water them thoroughly every day. They have been quite easy for me. Mine are under 40% white shade cloth, and they get a fair amount of red in the leaves. If I could, i would increase the shade to about 50%.

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i grow D. uniflora some years without problems. My plants are from April till October outdoors. They are in full sun till 30°C !! In the very heat days in summer over 30°C i do it in the shadow.

In winter time from November till March they are in my heated green house by my Heliamphoras with minimum 7°C.

Water level around the year 2cm (7x7x8cm pots).

Important is the localitiy from your plants! Mine are from Alerce Costero, Chile. The winter in this area have 0-5°C and only sometimes frost (only -5°C!!) and sometimes snow!


Hope, this helps....

best regards


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