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Marek Wozny

A few Autumn pictures.

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Hello All

A few photos from the period of autumn.

MK H101 S. x `Hummer Hammerhead’ (DC 2004)


MK L48A Hot pink Selections 1, Botanique

Young and old leafs to compare - still so small.


Drosera Rubrifolia


Nepenthes Jamban


Nepenthes Sibuyanensis - new formed pitcher - in few days the rim will turn black.


Pinguicula Kondoi


Cephalotus with freshly opened lid and after few days in light.



Drosera Bulbosa ssp. Major - this Year very huge and healthy.


Drosera aff. Rosulata - a few new plants this Year was grow up from the sand :-).


Drosera Erythrorhiza ssp. Squamosa - laterite growing form.


Drosera Macrophylla ssp. Monantha - after one Year of waiting.




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Wow! Excellent plants, especially the Drosera Erythrorhiza ssp. Squamosa - I've never seen that one before! :D

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Guest Andreas Eils

Hi Marek,

I´ve never known that the sun would shine so often in Poland! :wink: Excellently coloured plants...and...OH MY GOD... :shock: That Drosera bulbosa is almost killing me, so IMPRESSIVE!!! As well is the D. aff. rosulata! INCREDIBLE! Please reserve me a daughter tuber of each! :wink:

You must reveal me your secret growing tuberous sundews so excellently! Oh, sh**...have drooled on my keyboard! :oops:

With envious greetings


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