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rare sundews on gelrite

dudo klasovity

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Dear CP/TC fans!:-)

I took shots of some new cultures in jars today. Besides the species, that I have already posted (and thankfully, are grown into big plants by now), I did some sowing on gel few months ago and would like to share with you the pics of seedlings and plantlets:

drosera villosa (propagates well without PGR)


2 rarer d. spatulata varieties:

d. spatulata var. gympiensis (the time needed to germinate this spatulata variety is the longest of all spatulatas. Usually other varieties germinate within 20 days. This one took almost 2 months)


d. spatulata var. bakoensis (a very nice pygmy-like sundew, replated)


d. tomentosa var. glabrata


d. regiadregia.jpg



d.graminifolia (the difference in growth rate for TC and non-TC plants is striking, these are a month old/5cm)


d.camporupestris (great germination rate, a fast grower as well)


d. alba seedlings


d. ultramafica seedlings


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The gel you are using, can we buy this somewhere online?

Most onlines seem to be selling it by the 100kg or 1ton lot ! :(

this is the nearest to 'domestic' that I could find :


This would be more affordable


but out of stock, expected in 21days, keep an eye maybe !

Else search for food additive E418 = Gellan gum, aka Gelrite, Phytagel, Kelcogel etc.


Gellan gum, also branded by few suppliers as AppliedGel, Phytagel or Gelrite,

is used primarily as a gelling agent, alternative to agar

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