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Pameridea marlothii pictures

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during summer I was lucky enough to obtain a starter pack of Pameridea marlothii. They can easiely be kept on Roridula gorgonias but multiply not as fast as P. roridulae. here are two not very good shots but I thought pictures of this species are not common:



A big thanks to the donor and the collector!

Kindest regards


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Very nice! This is the best kind of insect keeping - when they cohabit with your CPs! Many a time I find my poor pets stuck down in a nepenthes, half digested, or slowly dying on a 'dew. Though maybe it's because I let them fly around the room where the Neps and dews are :s

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No... but don't they live on Drosera aswell? Or are those ones sectoris bugs? Or something along those lines.

If i had to get a roridula to keep them they i would. They looks so cute!

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