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Which bladderwort?


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I found a few odd plants in one of my sundew pots, and gave one of them to a biologist for him to identify. Have now been told that it's a bladderwort.

I wonder if anybody here recognises it:





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By very rare I assume you mean very common and weedy. Thank you. Are there any other species that it can be confused with? (Just want to be sure.)

Yes ... 3 bladderworts are common hitchhikers. U. subulata, U bisquamata and U. laterifolia.

If you want to grow it, transplant it into it's own pot. (away from other bladderworts). If it will like the new conditions it will offten flower and have bigger yellow flowers. If the conditions aren't optimal it will prouce only cleistogamous flower (the ones you have now). They grow well on windowsills, like most Utricularia. If you keep them away from ther carnivorous plants there will be no problems....

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I'm in doubt that it's U. subulata - doesn't it have purple flower stems and yellow flowers?

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My plants have flower stalks that are purple in summer and green ones in winter. Here is a picture of a subulata that has green flowers stalks: http://users.humboldt.edu/rziemer/zphotos/U_subulata301.JPG

Also occasionally my subulata makes small whitish flowers that don't open fully and fall off shortly after they are produced. These are much smaller than the typical yellow flowers and if you don't look carefully you don't even notice them....

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