first tuberous drosera flowers this season

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Dear all,

once againg the tuberous drosera started into the next growing season. Some early birds started to flower already some time ago. You may be aware that all the early flowers are white, hence I can not offer much colour at the moment but they should change in a few weeks time.

One of the first plants to flower each year is the D. aff. tubaestylis Brookton form.


Next is a red D. whittakeri ssp. aberrans form:




Finally one species which has not produced leaves yet. This is what the scape loooked like about a week ago:


One week later many flowers are open and a first hint of leaf tips visible:



Other species already in flower are D. lowriei (the giant form) and D. graniticola.

I hope you like them

Best regards


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No, at least not yet. But I remember one of your D. erythrprhiza already flowered last year quite nicely. Maybe, I will have to wait another year...

Incidentally, the D. lowriei I mentioned above to have started flowering is the one I planted in a separate pot for you. The other plants did not emerge yet or are currently doing so.

Best regards


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Hi dieter, as always very nice plants and picture!!!

A question, remember that here is very hot and Sundew tubers began to form, I recommend? leave the tubers in pots or remove and save them until next season?


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Hi Pato,

I would leave the tubers in the pot as they will get some residula humidity from the substrate. Especially smaller tubers can dry out easily withouth enough moisture. Also, even larger tubers e.g. of D. whittakeri ssp. aberrans can dry out. Another species which easily desiccates is the red D. peltata form from Asgard Swamp. Especially the two I just mentioned should not be stored bone dry. A large pot will help to keep enough moisture in the substrate for a long time.

Best regards


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The red form of D. peltata from Asgard Swamp is actually D. peltata var. gracilis which appreciates wetter soils than other varieties of D. peltata.

I agree, keep the tubers in the pot but ensure that the pot remains cool.

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Guest Andreas Eils

It´s always a pleasure to see your plants, Dieter!

And I constantly tell myself how could I have been so stupid to sell my plants last year!!! :banging: Anyway I hope to get one or the other back - not the same plants I sold but new plants of the same species. ;-)

You probably wouldn´t believe it but my D. lowriei is still in growth! Since June! The mother rosette has already died but there are now two daughter rosettes and all originate from the same stem. I´m curious how many tubers I´ll find when the plant decided to go dormant....

Kind regards


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