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while I was just sorting out the habitat pictures of Cephalotus in the Walpole area, I had to make a break and went out on the balcony, to take some shots of my cultivated plant.

(the habitat pictures will follow soon)

Some overall shots:




I like the panorama cut:



Some details - a group with quite dark pitchers - even among this one clone the colour of groups of pitchers vary...



Some cute little ones...


The perfect companion plant for me is U. monanthos - though from New Zealand, so no plant you will find in habitat. But a pretty one that fits in colour and size. U. monanthos has quite big, colourful flowers on very short stalks, and I like the leaves:



Even though it is difficult to get good shots through the glas plates (next time I make them removable!) some nice light in the pitchers:


Enjoy - Martin

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Thanks for the nice comments!

Noah, the big flower stalk belongs indeed to an Utricularia, U. uniflora.

A last picture - I sometimes tend to show too much in my pictures instead of focussing on the really important things.

So, here the pretty lights in the lids as main theme. Regards



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Thanks James! No, I have never noticed that, and wouln't expect it with the species in there. U. sandersonii probably would do.

Some details - a group with quite dark pitchers - even among this one clone the colour of groups of pitchers vary...


It was this picture that made me think that there was the utric in the pitcher. But it must be very close rather than in.

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Thanks again :smile:

James, I cheked that this morning - these pitchers are deep in the ground, so peristome (at least the behind part) is at soil level - so the Utrics found their way in.

Made some new pics this morning - enjoy -









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Wow, can't say that I've ever seen a Ceph grown in a fish tank before.

It's doing extremely well and looks awesome.

And the U. monanthos obviously likes it too.

That species always seems to be a shy flowering plant for me.



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Dimitar, over the years my Cephalotus had to get along with a number of different conditions. Many years it grew just on the windowsill in my living room, at ambient temperature under a compact fluorescent light.For sure not the ideal conditions, but due to the large space for its roots the plant is quite forgiving. The last years I had it on the balcony, with few hours of sun, until the first severe frost come, around December. Then I move it into the cool cellar where it stays over the winter under fluorescent tubes.

Steve, for me a very light spray with a diluted fertilizer every few weeks gives the monanthos a real push - I use a mix of an aquarium and an orchid fertilizer and dilute it to 0.1%.

Thanks and regards


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I hope you don't mind me bringing up an older topic, but I missed a lot while I was away and this is just insanely beautiful Martin. I have never ever seen cephs so beautiful. They rival those found growing on a wall in nature. Amazing. DOes it get direct sunlight for most of the day?

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HOLY CEPHALOTUS FOLLICULARIS BATMAN!!!!! What wetness do you maintain at all times. Cause I know for dam sure they are not swamp plants. I have only seen nice Ceph's in pots, Now I have seen the holy grail in ceph setups. What is the depth of the soil line? Hey guys could you picture this setup with the eden black growing llike this. WOW WOW WOW!!! That would be kick ass!!

Not only do Germans make great cars. But they also Grow some kick ass Cephalotus follicularis. NOw that I seen this I just want to go and rip up all my cephs and start over. Great Job my friend :whistling:

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