N. ephippiata

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is nepenthes ephippiata an easy nep to keep?

i have had mine for almost 2 months now and when i got it, it was around 6cm and had 3 leaves, plus 1 that had hadn't opened. since then the 3 leaves have died off, (that happened within the first couple of weeks) and the 1 that wasn't open still hasn't opened, and doesn't seem to of grown either.

it shares a windowsill with a rajah and a mira, both of which are now opening their 2nd leaf since i got them (2 months ago with the ephippiata), which i think is good growth?

all are grown in pond pots, lined with sphagnum moss, in the middle is a mix of 50/50 peat perlite and topped of with moss, i would say overall the mixture is 70% moss 15% peat, 15% perlite.

the temps are upto 22 in the day, and around 10-15 at night


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wrong info below. First of all you should grow them in a terrarium or greenhouse to give it the humitiy it needs. If conditions are fine, N ephippiata is a very fast grower. Its by far the fastest grower in my highland collection. It also seems to be more resistant against higher night temperature. My lowii under the same condition grows nearly as slow as my villosa.

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