Viable Pinguicula crosses


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I was going to try and cross a couple of my Mexican Pings as they all seem to be in sync as it were.

I was just wondering if all Mexican Pings could cross with all others. For instance would what I like to call long leaved Pings (moctezumae/heterophylla/gypsicola etc.) be able to cross with the small pings (esseriana/jaumavensis/gracilis etc.). The cross I have in mind is a hemiepiphytica x moctezumae perhaps or vice versa.

Any guidance would be lover-ly



I just found out that moctezumae x hemiepiphytica is a viable cross. Haven't seen any flowers though :P

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I haven't done many crossings.

I think not all Mexcian pings can be crossed, or some crossings are very difficult to be succeeded.

I tried some crossings last year but only Agnata x emarginata succeeded. I tried ibarra x esseriana and emarginata x (gypsicola x moctezumae) too. But no seed was found in the seed pocket.

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I've just had a quick look at the wikipedia article.. I would assume that only Pinguiculas with the same number of chromosomes could reproduce with eachother? I suppose this is a moot point as I dont know any of the chromosome numbers :D

As for naming: Would the pollen donor be mentioned first or the pollen acceptor (the plant from which the seed would be harvested)?

Thanks for your advice so far!

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As I know, number of chromosomes is more crucial for offspring reproduction, they are usually sterile. It is like Raphano-Brassica - parents have different chromosome number but hybrid exist.

In hybrid name, perhaps like in cross scheme, first is "mother" name.

I have found recomendation for it - My link

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