Terrarium from old aquarium

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I describe my new terrarium made by an old aquarium in my photos album:


I use plastic for mading the internal structure and I put some quartz sand in front part for maskerating internal structure.

There is a mountain with a river and a waterfall into a lake (with lemma minor).

The terrarium was planned using 3d programs for calculating the final result.

The terrarium contains Nepenthes, Ultricularia and Drosera.

Nepenthes and Ultriculatria are in vessels that are not immersed in water.

Under the structures there is a underground lake with a pomp for making the upper river.

Some photos summary:








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Looks great! I like the rock-with-pot. I wish I could get stuff like that here! I had my neps covered with moss like that too in a similar setup. It grows like a weed in humid conditions.

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They are normal energy saving lamps (CFL). In particular I use two 6500°K lamps (20W and 23W) and two 4000° lamps (18W + 23W).

The advantage about neon is that they are less expansive and they can run for 10.000 hours before they died.

The disadvantage is that the light is concentrate in one point, while with neon it is distribuited over the length of tube.

For plants I see that Heliamphore grown very well and even with good colors with this lamps (over one year of testing), and Nepenthes are producing new pitchers even if I use only 9 hours of this light in winter.

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