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october pictures

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We have had some pretty weather for last few weeks. The cool temps at night and plenty of sun and warm days really made my sundews happy (especially the south americans). here I took some shots today,,hope you like them :-)

drosera graomogolensis (definitely one of the most elegant and beautiful for me). The sun made her colour up nicely and will be flowering for me for the first time!


drosera ascendens "red hairy form"


drosera ascendens 'Palmeira' with interesting shape of the leaves


drosera hirtella/lutescens (a.k.a. veeeeeery slow grower:-) )


drosera graminifolia - it is hard to take a good picture of her because of the complicated focis- she is all over the place :-)


drosera montana var. schwackei - a newcomer to my collection, seems she likes the conditions so far


drosera brevifolia 'Balsa Nova, Parana'


drosera capillaris 'Colombia'


drosera ramentacea - just adjusting her to sun slowly,,still pale, hopefully will colour up a bit later


drosera hilaris 'Stellenbosch'


drosera slackii x capensis (I think when it comes to speed of growth she took more after d. slackii and is not as easy as I thought she would be as well)


drosera trinervia


drosera adelae, drosera peltata and heliamphora minor


drosera anglica 'Hawaii'


drosera spatulata var. bakoensis - the smallest pygmy spatulata, very cute


drosera spatulata var. lovellae


drosera capensis "Albino form"


drosera schizandra


drosera prolifera


drosera neocaledonica


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Hi Dusan,

very nice looking plants, i like the D. colombiana as well.

If you want to receive seed of these D. graomogolensis flowers you should pollinate them.

You are absolutely right about plants from the D. hirtella complex, they are really slow growers.

BTW, so far as i know the location name is ´Balsa Nova´, not 'Bolsa Nova´.

Best regards,


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Thank you for kind comments!

@Dani: thank you for pointing out the typo, I corrected it. I will definitely hand-polinate the flowers of d. graomogolensis to get quality seeds. Thanks for the tip.

@Deadly weapon: d. neocaledonica best open air environment, several hours of direct sun a day , nights ~20C days 24-28C. I use peat/sand (60/40). Hope you find it helpful :-)

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Thanx , Carlos!

Yes, the that is the full locality designation for that particular plant. I think Iggy send me the seeds (thanks :blush: ). Sometimes I dont list the full name of the locality when posting pics. I just went through some of your pics and your collection is amazing (in both diversity and quality) !

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