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tissue culture pics

dudo klasovity

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Hi everyone!

I took pictures of some drosera jars today:

drosera anglica 'Hawaii'


drosera glanduligera


drosera falconeri (crowded jar)


drosera hilaris (turned out to be very weedy species when correct medium is used)


drosera afra


drosera rotundifolia


drosera spatulata var. lovellae (the big plants germinated a bit early, the rest gave 100% germination later)


drosera intermedia 'Gran Sabana'


drosera trinervia


darlingtonia californica on propagation medium


drosera burmannii 'Humpty-Doo'


drosera burmannii


drosera macrantha "Rock outcrop form" x drosera macrantha aff. ssp. cremaea


....some massive germinations:

drosera ascendens 'Itarare'


drosera tomentosa var. glabrata


...and some latest germinations:

drosera regia


drosera felix 'Turuku'


drosera macrophylla ssp. macrophylla x drosera macrophylla ssp. monantha

drosera graminifolia


drosera spatulata var. bakoensis


drosera planchonii


...the next season will be fun! :-)

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@Cain: Yes , it is drosera intermedia together with darlingtonia

@Sativ: I know! I was just thinking the same thing going through the jars with tuberous species how Martian they look in TC :-D There are some exceptions,,of course:-)

@Pato: The gel is clear because I use Gelrite and not Agar. It is easier for me to spot the contamination early enough (when I dont use PPM). In some pics it is hazy but that is because of opaqu PP containers.

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@Loligo: With Gelrite I only had one case of vitrification with drosera sessifolia. I did find one drawback of this gelling agent though...when the plants consume some of the elements (metals, specifically), it liquidifies quite fast). I think it is due to the loss of cations crosslinking the gelrite compound and the inevitable release of protons. In acidic environment ( below 5.2) the Gelrite is not gelling very well (even if the sufficient ions are present). But for me the transparency of the gel is the overcoming advantage so I keep on using it. I just got hands on some high quality Agarose so I will do some experiments to compare the properties.

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Hi Dusan,

the D. macrantha hybrid sounds interesting to me. So far, I have not been able to come up with viable tuberous drosera hybrids other than those of D. menziesii subspecies. Often, I get the hybrids to germinate, but they usually die shortly after that.

Best regards


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