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Who Are You Really?

Daniel G

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Ok, i may aswell go first, just to get this topic into swing (Hopefully)

Ok, i'm Daniel, i'm 13, and i love plants. Most of you know that about me.

I started off life living in Bristol, for about 4 or 5 years, hard to remember now. I can remember watching planes overheard, in the blue sky, and cycling 'round and 'round on my little blue, plastic tricycle. Until my cousin turned it into a unicycle.

I was always home educated, and i had learned to write (I seem to have lost the ablility now...) Then, we moved. Into Wales. Now that was a shock. A whole new accent, a whole new vocabulary! And everyone seemed to call me Butt. Which i took as an insult.

Wales was where i met some of the best people i know. And where i lived for 4 years. I almost picked up the lingo, but calling everyone Butt never stuck. And i lost the accent every time i went away.

In Wales i tried my first plants. Of course, the seeds i bought never sprouted. and tap water couln't have helped.

After 4 years in Wales, everything went to pot. My Mum and Dad started arguing a lot more. And stopped hugging in the kitchen. Well, they stopped almost every sign of affection.

A month of so after my and my brother where given a decision. If we wanted to live with our Mum, or Dad. (Being proper mummy's boys. We both chose Mum.) We where in Sheffield, in a house full of books, and general junk from the landlord.

Now Sheffield, that was a place!

(Where my Mum first suspected i had mild aspergers syndrome, but, with a kid who sings opera for no apparent reason, and who is a nutcase, i think shes.. know she's right.)

And we seemed to be in a fairly nice part of it. Not to far away, not too far in either. Sheffield was another place where we met some of the best people we know. And we still do, surprise surprise. After another 4 years, i still havn't got any accent, and i'm just starting to use the word Aye'.

I tried CP's after a year or so, and failed uttely. So i sulked a while. and lived my life. until i wanted to try again, a year later. But this time, the real plant. I searched, i saw, i bought. And, surprising. IT grew!

I was a real "owner" of a meat eating plant. Or so i thought, i came across several forums, this one being the second. And i read, and learnt. My interest was sparked, and i was a collector.

1 year after, look at me, i'm a full blown fanatic, writing out my life story, to a bunch of other fanatics.

Summary? Nutcase, weirdo, and plant addict!

Dan ;)

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i am in first place a father and a grandfather,then a plantlover,nice you tell your life story but i not think this is the best place to do.

Not many people go give answhere to this,it s mostly something private.

By the way ,you have a very nice writting style,i think you are a very promised writter in future,

Cheers Will

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I understand that some people may find it private. I'm not asking people to write their life story, i just like to write mine :sarcastic_hand:

Thanks for complimenting my writing too! It's the first time someone's said i have a style. I'm please someone likes it!



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I guess I may aswell:

I was born on September 2nd 1997 in Enfield, North London, (explaining my devotion to Arsenal :biggrin: ) but I lived in Wood Green, where I lived for a few years. After a while we (me, my brother and parents) moved to Nottingham. I've lived here ever since. :D

I've passed the time being (this does sound cocky, but I fear it to be true) more intelligent than most people I know my age, and learning fencing, guitar, and then ninjutsu too. (insert martial arts noises here :D ) Of course, where would I be without mentioning my plants? My first CP was a Sarracenia purpurea which I managed to keep alive for quite a while, but obviously I was vastly under-equipped and It died. I also remember buying a cape sundew and a nepenthes labelled as "coccinea" but I killed those pretty quickly too! :biggrin: Iguess not much has really happened since then, but after almost two years I'm finally becoming able to grow the little devils!

By the way - "fanatic"? You need my consent to use that term!

You are completely correct though...

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At least someone else dicided to post :sarcastic_hand: Somehow, after only one day, it's a rarity!

Nice piece of writing. (And i can vouch for you being smarter than most people your age, apart for me :sarcastic_hand: )

By the way - "fanatic"? You need my consent to use that term!

You are completely correct though...

Of course i'm correct! :sarcastic_blum:

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