What's the difference? sawtooth question

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Yes ,many pictures from many different plants ,green ,red whit very different tooth and shape ,if i not know i think these are pictures from at least 20 different sawtooth ,even from dentate.

I have this to,and i not know the difference ,i can not see this on pfotophinder,too match different there,there must be some difference but wat?


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In my opinion the differences are not significant to dive them separate names. Its a known fact that you can take a number of sawtooths divisions (or any other dionaea) from the same parent and grow them for a season and they can all look slightly different, some being more red than others some having longer teeth than others, some remain fairly close to the ground others grow longer petioles. The next season everything can be different again. This can even be the case when they are grown in the same conditions. For me there is just sawtooth, I ignore all the the alternate names for plants with this characteristic.

being cynical its just another way of relieving more suckers of their cash. Bit like football tops but with less difference.

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Hi, yes the other Will is right,dont care about the name ,sawtooth is enough,if everybody give a name because he has a very little difference than the normal type,we will never finish to give new names,its totally crazy and ridiculous all these names.concentrate yourself on the plants you prefer and dont look at these very little differences cause every seed can be different,remember that ;)


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