leucophylla Ghost, leucophylla L50MK, leucophylla white top ex. J. Ainsworth (L07 PJPlants), leucophylla white form Gert H.

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Hi all, I'm growing these clones since 2 years, and last year I noticed that they were very similar, but I thought they were still too young.

This year I noticed the same similarity, and I would like to share some pic with you, in order to try understanding something more!!

I only know these 4 clones(there is also leucophylla Bay Co. and another one on ebay right now!), that grows with such a kind of pitcher form and colour. They are yellow when the pitcher is still close and coming up from the growing point, and it has a kind of 'S' form till it opens.

BTW here are some pics:

Sarracenia leucophylla, White form, "Alba", Gert Hoogenstrijd


Sarracenia leucophylla, white top ex. J. Ainsworth (L07 PJPlants)


Sarracenia leucophylla, L50 MK - White top, Baldwin co, AL WS(MS) (this one is a bit bigger than the other)


Sarracenia leucophylla, "Ghost"


And now a compariso from the side and from the front:




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maybe you should wait one year more for pitchers,and the most important,give a look to the flower too,sometimes they can have some little differences,but honestly, i dont like all these ppl who give a lot of nickname to sarracenia and/or dionaea generally. it's not serious, for example, a dionaea (the same) can have six different names... totally silly....

good luck

best regards

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I think there was some confusion over this clone and whether it was from Bay County Florida or Baldwin County Alabama.

Since it clearly has an alata influence and alata doesn't grow in Bay County, yet it can be found in Baldwin County, I'd question the location data when this clone is labelled as Bay County.

I think they're all the same clone and I believe it's been put into tissue culture by the Dutch and named "Ghost".

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I raised this issue a while back and strongly believe they are all the same clone (but that will never rule out the chance there are one or more identical looking clones in circulation)

The clone I have produces a very distorted, non functioning flower if that helps in any way.

I also think any distinct clones like this should have, officially or unofficially been named at source to save on all this confusion.

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Without a doubt, it is the same clone. I had my first plant from Matthew Soper who already had the plant tissue cultured. The location details were on the label as Baldwin Co., AL.

Having seen the plant in flower and the pitcher shape clearly shows alata influence.

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Dear all,

when was this plant going into TC?

I also have this white leucophylla, bought from Carniflora 5 or 6 years ago. When I mention Carniflora then you know everything is coming from TC. That's why Gert Hoogenstrijd is selling this plant too, because he has all his plants suited at Carniflora.

I showed 1 plant to Mike King during the EEE 2007 at Leiden, Holland and he said it was not a pure leucophylla.

Nice plant. I'll keep it in my colelction anyway.

Take care,


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Nice plant. I'll keep it in my colelction anyway.

That's sure! But I'd like to know If I'm growing four different plant or if I just have 4 pots with the same plant.. If that is the case, I'll give them all away, and just keep one!!

Does anyone has got some pic of the flowers of the mentioned plants??

Ian, can you please post your flower's photo? (if you have)

Thanks guys :)

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