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Simple Pleasures


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Being always on the hunt for something rarer, something more "exotic"; I tend to forget how the easiest, cheapest, most "disposable" species can amaze and embarrass people like myself.

No special treatment; all I did was to take her out of that blasted terrarium.

April, 2010


June, 2011


September, 2011


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Daniel your avatar is creepy :biggrin:

Poor thing got attacked by aphids, not on the upper plants but the ones below which are surrounded by dead leaves. I guess aphids could make it there because of the dry areas. It stayed under water for a while and was saved.

Then crows made short work of ALL her blooms (no seeds this summer, every stalk cut by damn birds) so she's living under a big plastic bottle now.

And look at her! Only getting stronger, a true survivor (did that just rhyme?)

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Hehe, i aim to scare....

She's been through alot then, but has come through looking great!

You put my Alicea to shame! Need some more sunlight really.

And yes, it did rhyme. your a true poet!

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