What a difference a year makes!

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Hi all,

Just thought of putting these pics of my Cephalotus (Typical) with almost exactly one years growth between each pic & see what you all thought?

The Begining


The Current


Thanks for looking,


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Hi Guys, thanks for your replies.

This Cephalotus had a troubled start in life, thanks to a dodgy bag of moss peat. The problem was only rectified due to noticing other plants obtained around the end of July 2010, taking a major nosedive into oblivion.

I took the first pic just after repotting it & has been doing well ever since. Well it did require some tlc, trichoderma & another one of my favorite substances to abuse, SB Plant Invigorator


I love this stuff, I use it for everything. Great as a foliar feed & also as a bug/mildew (aphids,scale,spider mite) repellent/killer.

A word of caution though, do not use at full strength, as it seems to turn plants into mutants, half strength is the strongest I have used, but would still use it a bit weaker than that.

In saying the above, I have still managed to murder a few Cephs over the last year, all due to small pots & forgeting to water while away for a while. Thankfully managed to resurrect a few Big Boys from leaf cuttings & remaining roots that had survived the neglect. These are really only starting to kick into life now, 5 months after the initial disaster.

Anyway, thats all for now, thanks for reading.


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Possible due to the urea it contains.

Well, not to extract the urine or such :devious: I wont be eating or smoking my Cephs.

Your point is taken & I do understand the risk, but it works for me!

I woudnt use it on anything I intend to injest, just in case, although other gardeners advocate the stuff, especially in regards to leafy veg. But then there are others who dont.

I only spray the plants once a month & havent had any problems yet, fingers crossed!

I would be grateful for any further input regarding this urine extract, SB Plant Invigorator, especially in regards to the use of it on CPs

Thanks & best regards


If we could all agree on something, the world would be a much more agreeable place!

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It's NH2CONH2 , which I think is synthesised from liquid ammonia and carbon dioxide. If it works then it works, just be careful that you don't use too much. Some CPs, such as Cephalotus, are known to be nutrient tolerant to a certain extend, whilst others are not so.

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