Auction 370 - Nepenthes bokorensis Seeds

Andy Collins

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This auction is for the Meadowview Conservation Fund

Auction 370 - Nepenthes bokorensis Seeds - donated by François Sockhom Mey

We have 3 sets of two packets, so the 3 highest bidders win one set each.

Each set includes: 1 packet of +- 50 seeds of N. bokorensis, "Location C" and 1 packet of 10-15 seeds of N. bokorensis, "Location B"

All collected about two weeks ago. See pictures of wild plants here:

N. bokorensis, "Location B"

N. bokorensis, "Location C"

£2 will be added to cover p&p

All money (less p&p) raised will go to Meadowviews Biological Research Station

Please post your bids here..

Auction will end 9th September 2011 @ BST 20:00 hours. The last three posts with the highest bids, with the time showing BST 20:00 hours will be the winners.

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@zeeland: i thought highest bidder and 2nd &3rd runners up get the seeds. you're implying that there are 3 separate auctions....but there's only one auction. that means currently, the ones that have a chance at getting the seed are those who placed bids @ £25, £15 & £10.

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you're not alone ;)


Shouldn't we overbid only the higher previous offer, people? That would be much more fair...

Good idea!

I have received a few PM asking for N. bokorensis seeds; unfortunately, the CPUK seeds auctions will be the only ones I will propose.


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