Pinguicula emarginata × laueana 'Crimson Flower'


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Look at my very first ever created hybrid CP! It's a Pinguicula emarginata × laueana 'Crimson Flower':

Dunno if the extra petal is a permanent trait, or if it only occured in this flower. But more flowers to come, actually 3 in total, so we'll see!


The one in the middle at the lower row:


Whatcha think about my darling! :D



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Well done on the hybrid. I find that hybrids, more often than with species, have extra petals or a double spur but it is not consistent. I noticed a triple spur this Summer.

I find P.x.Tina to be extra mutatious, last summer I had a flower with only 3 petals, multiple double spurs and some other lesser weirdos. But yeah, hybrids can be quite weird. :devious:

Now Im trying to cross emarginata and moranensis, I hope I succeed!

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