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Webshops selling terrarium/indoor ferns?


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Forgive me if I'm talking about the completely wrong sort of plant, but Wistuba sell lecanopteris ferns...

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Guest Andreas Eils

Hi John,

perhaps Ben´s Jungle offers some nice ferns you are looking for? Ben´s Jungle - Ferns Funnily some plant descriptions on the English site are also only in German.

Unfortunately there is one problem...despite the PayPal sign on his website Benjamin Schwarz obviously does not accept PayPal anymore. I know a person who asked to pay with PayPal which Benjamin Schwarz refused. Perhaps he has made bad experience with PayPal payments. But you can ask him about PayPal, too. Here are the sales terms: sales terms You have to pay in advance.

I have so far once ordered at Ben´s Jungle and I am very satisfied with the quality and size of the plants.

As for ant ferns: I have prepared a couple of layers for sale: Lecanopteris holthumii, L. balgooyi, Solanopteris brunei and perhaps a little piece of L. darnaedii...but I still like to wait how they establish. In about two weeks I will know more I think.

Kind regards


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