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I have decided to go for a mix of peat, perlite and sphagnum moss for my Neps, vft and cephalotus

the moss that i am going to use is the New Zealand High Pressed Sphagnum moss that comes in a small brick, add water and it expands

Has anyone used this type of moss?

Are there any pros or cons for using this type of stuff?

Is this dead stuff and will just stay brown or will it start to turn green? (sorry if that is a silly question :thumbsup: )

just wondering if i should get some live moss to top off the pots


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I've used this stuff:

It works well in open mixes but I found if kept too wet then it can sometimes get a little black mold growth. Whether it will start to grow will be dependant on whether it contains any spores. I have used several bricks of the stuff, with some springing into life and others not showing any signs of it.

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