My Utricularia fulva

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Finally my U.fulva is blooming. At first I tried growing it at home in the highlands but it just barely survived. After moving it to warmer conditions at my fathers house, it started to grow fast and now it is also producing flowers.

A very nice and unusual species, very easy to grow with the right conditions (warm temperatures):


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Wow, that has to be one of the most beautiful Utric's I have seen - Congratulations! Another one I have to add to the wish-list!

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Hi, thanks for all your nice comments.

Napraforgo: I have not tried smelling the flowers, but will let you know if I can detect any kind of fragrance.

Deadly Weapon: I am just using a 1:1 quartz sand:sphagnum mix, rain water, direct sun all day long and temps around 18-20 C night 25-32 C day.

The pot is always standing on son centimeters of water.



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