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Something from my collection

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i had some time today so i took a few pics of my plants. Hope you will like them :smile:

I start with my Pinguicula stones:

the first lava rock with P. ibarrae, laueana, macrophylla and small crassifolia and mirandae


the second lava rock with P. medusina, gigantea and emarginata


and the third lava rock, just for P. heterophylla itself


I use also a piece of an old brick covered by moss, P. hemiepiphytica likes it:


And i have a "stone" made mostly from plaster of paris for small pings...


like P. immaculata.


Last ping: P. chuquisacensis/jarmilae, whatever you like. Chuquisacensis is cool, but jarmilae is much easier to write and speak :biggrin: I am still quite surprised, that this plant grows with no problems so far. It even produced 4 stolons which (i hope) will turn into the new plants.


some stolons are even underground


Last few plants:

H. pulchella "Akopan" - i love this plant, its slender pitchers are one of my favourite among helis.


Drosophyllum is going to flower:


And two young SA sundews - D. colombiana "Curilí, Colombia" and D. schwackei "Diamantina, MG, Brazil"



Good growing


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Thank you both! I am trying the lava rock for the first time this year and so far it looks very nice. I simply make holes by power drill and fill them with mexican ping mix (perlite, sand, crushed lava rock etc). I add some crushed limestone for calcium loving species. Some species like P. emarginata would probably grow also just on rock, but others like P. heterophylla or macrophylla wouldn`t have place for their bulbs.

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Excellent collection of Pings. So far I have only grown P.esseriana this way with good success. Have to try it with other species.

In my experience, P.jarmilae is a very easy grower. My plants also produce lots of those stolons that later grow into new rosettes.

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Really fab Ping rocks. The problem I encounter is that they tend to fall off, especially once they have been on long enough to divide. Mind you, a lot of that is probably my carelessness; I am always having Pings jumping out of pots when I move them - often due to the old but strong flower stalks getting snagged.

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