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EEE 2012...

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Dear all,

Yes, last week me and a few others made the discission; the EEE 2012 goes to the German CP society the GFP.

There were totally 3 options; Italy (Merano), France (Nancy) or Germany (Bonn).

Merano is really a fantastic are and botanical garden. But at 2012 they couldn't finish the buildings where the EEE should take place.

Nancy in France want the EEE for 2013, but not for 2012, because their roster for 2012 is already full.

For the future we'll discus the EEE 2013.

So, congrats to the Germans.

hopefully within some weeks we'll see the first details.

About the futere EEE; Within a few weeks I'm making some 'rules' how to get an EEE. The past 5 years there were some strugles for the future EEE.

I'll contact all european CP-societies personally to cooperate making those rules. What I try to do is something like the ICPS, so if a CP-sociey want to host an EEE, they should send the EEE-commission a good bid and explain why the want to host an EEE.

Keep you posted about this!

Take care,


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When will we know the exact dates for EEE 2012 also where abouts in Bonn will it be?? i would really like to go as i went for the first time this year in Chester and it was great, i was thinking of making a weekend of it in Germany =D

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Hi at all!

Paul was a little bit to fast for me but OK.

after a long struggle the decision was made that the EEE 2012 will be hold in Germany.

As mentioned, we made out the botanical garden of Bonn as venue for the coming EEE.

After (for some guys) a long time now I could give you the actual date!

So the EEE 2012 will be hold on 20th to 22nd of July

I will have a meeting with the botanical garden within the next weeks to made out the details.

I hope to give you more informations in the next time.



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Received my CPS journal today. I see that Dennis Balsdon is trying to get a minibus together for Bonn. I personally can't do it because I have booked a coach from London. Is anyone out there up for this ? A bit of a logistics nightmare I would have thought, picking everyone up. I suppose they could all meet in London or something like that.

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