Cephalotus pics

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Hi all

my Nepenthes, heliamphora and vft collection dont like me this season but my Cephs do. So i took a few pics today and want to show you all.

Have fun


the clone i grow in TC

IMG_7861.JPG?m=1312725889 IMG_7862.jpg?m=1312725896 IMG_7876.JPG?m=1312726000

Hummers giant

IMG_7863.jpg?m=1312725902 IMG_7865.JPG?m=1312725947 IMG_7872.JPG?m=1312725985

IMG_7873.JPG?m=1312725990 IMG_7875.JPG?m=1312725995

IMG_7878.jpg?m=1312726005 IMG_7879.JPG?m=1312726009


Eden black. not very black in shaded greenhouse


Clone from Botanical Garden Mainz

IMG_7868.JPG?m=1312725965 IMG_7869.jpg?m=1312725974 IMG_7870.jpg?m=1312725979

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I love the color on that Hummers Giant...Very nice pics you have there...

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