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random shots from my collection

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Hi , CP enthusiasts!

Today as I was checking my plants in the evening I thought about how beautiful this CP genus is and felt like taking some quick random picturesbefore it gets dark. They are mostly of regularly cultivated species, nevertheless I think they look fit at the peak of this season so I would like to share some pictures here on the forum. Hope you like them.

drosera slackii


drosera affinis 'Namibia' (normal)


drosera affinis 'Namibia' (pygmy bush)


drosera collinsiae


drosera sp. 'Lantau Island' (Hong-Kong) colony


drosera adelae group


...and some shots of one of the minigreenhouses' top shelf






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Again wonderful plants and shots of them!

Gorgeous plants Dusan... but i still do not understand, how you can grow South American highland species together with petiolaris Drosera - and both seem to be satisfied!

Yeah, I've noticed too. They all seem to be OK together... That's whole new level of plant domestication :D

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Beautiful collection. Hopefully my collection will look like that someday. Btw. what temperatures make D. venusta grow well in terraria? Most plants that I have outdoors are growing well and are all dewy but plants in terraria do not produce leaves, but they flower more often than those D. venustas that I have outdoors.

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