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Genlisea violacea x hispida

Deadly Weapon

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The correct name is G.hispidula, not G.hispida. This is an African species of section Genlisea, whereas G.violacea is from section Tayloria and is Brazilian.

I've never heard of this hybrid being made and I don't see it on the CP Photo Finder.

I would be surprised if it is possible at all and would bet this is probably just a case of mislabeled plant.

Best wishes,


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just had a mail from extreme-plants, it's violacea x hispidula, created in the czech republic.

The plant on the photo shown on extreme plants is G. lobata x violacea.

I have never heard of a hybrid of G. violacea x hispidula and do not believe.

I think it's just dislabeled.



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Then it's probably bogus.

I truly don't believe it's possible to make any crosses between members of subgen.Tayloria and subgen.Genlisea.

And I would not recommend anyone waste their money buying seeds of such claims.


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