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TC drosera pics

dudo klasovity

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Hi! After a while, I had some spare time so I took pictures of some of my newly introduced drosera species in TC. Here are some jars, I hope you like them:

drosera hartmeyerorum (note the extensive root system)


drosera marchantii ssp. marchantii


drosera intermedia


drosera rotundifolia 'Hawks Tor, Bodmin Moor, UK' (freshly replated seedlings)


drosera hilaris 'Stellenbosch, RSA'



drosera slackii x capensis


drosera brevifolia 'Bolsa Nova, Parana, Brasil'


drosera sessifolia 'Punau, Rio Negro, Brasil'


drosera trinervia 'Stromsveikloof, RSA'


drosera ascendens 'Palmeira, Parana, Brasil'


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Wooow! I always love to see your TC plants pics, they are awesome!! Pfff.. I hope one day I can make cultives like those hehe..

And just for curiosity... Are you some sort of researcher? or Do you work in a lab? he



PD: If some day you want to sell one of those D. hartmeyorum please contact me! :D

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Hi Dudo!, Great work!! One questions!

What medium and quantities are using for sundew? I'm starting with the issue and I would like to know since I see you have very good results.


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Thanks for the comments

@Cosmo: D. hartmeyerorum is one of species that dont take long trips in mail very well. I fear Mexico is too distant. And yes, I do work in a lab as a researcher. Not in the plant business though.

@Pato: for most drosera 20-30%MS with full macro and full vitamins works very well. If you use other gelling agent than agar, like gelrite for example, add 5% more (it picks up and cross-links the Me+, Me2+ cations with -OH ending groups , and thus lowers their concentration a bit).

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Thanks Dudo!

This would have to be going well for seeds?

1/3 MS w/vitamins

PPM 1ml

Sucrose 30g

Agar 6g

PH 5.5

And the formation of calluses using this same solution or should we change something?

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Sounds about right.

Personally, I dont use PPM at all. But it is advisory to use it for beginners to thwart the contamination possibility. And also, I use pH ~5.7. At and lower than 5.5 is more suitable for dionaea than drosera. Good luck with your TCing!:-)

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