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N. Lowii or N. burbidgea

Daniel G

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Well, this is my second post on Nepenthes, as i've been wanting another one lately.

I've narrowed it down to two species now, for the moment anyway (Not N. villosa yet ;) ) N. lowii, and N. bubidgea. Both a species that i like, and i want to know which is better for a begginer like me.

I'd also like to know the care conditions for both too.



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I vote burbidgeae. I've found this to be very tolerant of all sorts of conditions, windowsill or greenhouse.

It's surely one of the most beautiful of Neps, and after "only" 3 years from purchase, it can reach hearty proportions- when it starts speeding up.

My only tip on cultivation is: don't move it once you've decided where it's going. I'm not the only one who has noticed that it can throw a strop if you even move it a few feet along the greenhouse bench.

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I had a similar dilemma a few years ago, so ended up getting both :)

They were both pretty small when I got them and I've found both to be a bit slow growing (I've been moving around a bit and I agree that burbidgea throws its teddies out of the pram every now and then).

I'm happy with both, the reason I went for a lowii is that I knew it would take a while to turn into a tidy sized plant, so it was one the first plants in my collection so it could get a bit of a headstart!

Happy growing,


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Burb. Once they start growing well, they do get rather pretty. One of my favourite to draw as well.

I have one on the windowsill which has taken off recently and produced rather colourful pitchers. The white base colour contrasts brilliantly with the black and red spots and stripy peristome, and short brown hairs. Beautiful.

As Gareth said, it will sulk if you move it. When mine was posted to me (a pretty big move) it sat for 6 months doing nothing. Patience told me to stick it out, and I'm glad.

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