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I rarely show these lowlanders, but as many are looking quite good and I've had some nice surprises - I thought I'd show some.

And for those who thought all IC species look the same ......

N. andamana (Takuapa, Phang-nga Privince, Southern Thailand)


N. smilesii (Pha Taem, North-east Thailand)



N. kerrii - a youngish seedling


N. chang (Ko Chang, Thailand)



with a pleasant surprise



N. kampotiana (30 km from Trat, Thailand)


A couple of red N. mirabilis - seed grown


N. albomarginata (Gunung Jerai, Peninsular Malaysia)


N. rafflesiana (Giant, Squat form, Central Kalimantan) - (I'm not sure there isn't a touch of mirabilis in it)



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Phil, thanks for posting the photos!

Great seeing N. andamana, I haven't seen many cultivated specimens of that one. Same with N. chang, interesting to see that it has quite pale colored pitchers. That N. smilesii pitcher really have a big "bottom", it will be interesting too see this plant develop.

Yes , I agree that the raff looks like it could have some N. mirabilis in it. I have some giant raffs from Kasongan/Katingan (Central Kalimanatan) which I also suspected had some input from that species, especially in one specimen. Now however, apart from it having a little oddly elongated pitcher shape, it doesn't seem to show any traits from that species, as far as I can see.



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Yeh, there aren't many chang or andamana in cultivation. I think we need to show them more to let people see what they are missing. I think the lower pitchers of chang have more colour. Shame there probably isn't a mate around for it.

Gotta love those 'big bottoms' :laugh1:

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