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some flowers

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Hi there!:-)

I took some quick shots of few plants I hope you like them.

drosera graomogolensis


pinguicula x Sethos


drosera spatulata var. gympiensis


drosera tomentosa var. glabrata


...and drosera afra, flowering the first season for me. One of the plants created impresiive triple flower stalk with lots of flowers



the flowers in detail


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Very nice as always! I am glad to see pictures from you everytime, you post them. I have D. graomogolensis for a few days now (from Darwiniana CP exhibition; hope it will be big and beautiful as yours is once) . So right now, I don't want it for my collection any longer - it switches its place in my wishlist with gympiensis spathulata, which is very nice species as well :smile:

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Thank for nice comments. Slavek, hopefully I have some seeds and will propagate d. gympiensis as fast as possible because she is not very often seen in collections and it is a pity for it is a very forgiving and beautiful drosera species:-)

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