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Utricularia australis flower

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I know its nothing special for you people that grow this specimen, but maybe some of you didnt take a closer look at the beautiful flower, which you now have the chance to.

I hope these pictures, with the help of the splendid guide of Andreas Fleischmann, will help you correctly identify your plants in the wild. Flowers are roughly 1,5cm long and a little broader.

Hardly visible, but there was a little dirt on the lower lip, sorry for that. This is the sideview


Top of the flower






Unlike U. stygia, which is also thought to be of hybrid origin much like U. australis, this one actually does produce pollen. I hand pollinated this plant, and will see if the extremely rare fruits appear, but i hardly doubt it will ever happen.

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I agree that it's a nice flower.

I took these pics in the wild in January this year.

I wish it was a bit more prolific flowering though. For the amount of plants that we saw there was only a handful of flowers.








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