U.warmingii - 1st picture know of a rare and unique Utric

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Hello everyone,

My good friend Marcos Cardoso from Cuiabá (W Brazil) discovered yet another rare Utric: U.warmingii!!

He was recently again in the Poconé region, where he also discovered the rare U.poconensis a few years ago:


To reach the spot where he found U.warmingii, it was 7 km on horseback with water up to the horses heels the whole time (the Pantanal Basin is mostly flooded at this time of year). In the same area he says he also found U.hydrocarpa, U.foliosa, U.cucullata & 2 terrestrial U.sp with yellow flowers

I've never seen U.warmingii before, but I've admired it for over 20 years in Peter Taylor's monograph. Here's his description:



Any of you notice what's so unique about this plant? The hugely tumesced base of the flower scape!! This structure has fascinated me and I've wanted to see it live and feel it between my fingers. Well at least now I can see them in Marcos' pictures...

So without further delay, here's the never before seen pic of U.warmingii:


Incredible, huh??? I'm fascinated to see that the flower is mostly white, with only the base of the lower lip yellow. Taylor says the flower is pale yellow. I wonder if maybe I've seen this species before off in the distance in the Pantanal, but dismissed it as a Utric? Or maybe I've even held flowerless stolons in my hands and didn't realize they belonged to this species?

Marcos told me that the site where he found this plant dries up completely in the winter, confirming what Taylor wrote about U.warmingii, that it is an annual. Also, I noticed that the tumescent structure in the center of the pic seems to have two flower scapes arising from it. Taylor only shows one...

More photos as soon as Marcos sends them my way!

All the best,


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Thank you for sharing pictures of this fascinating species. The structure at the base of the flower looks like someone has tied a plastic bag to it :smile: I envy the journey that Marcos made, as while it may have taken the whole day, I bet that the scenery was stunning.

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I'm glad you're all enjoying it as much as I did. :) I'm so happy to finally see what this plant look like!!

Anyway, here are the other photos Marcos took...

The habitat:













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very nice photos Fernando! Thank Marco for us for allowing you to share these pics with us! that flower base structure reminds me very much of those air bladder structures we find on kelp...i guess that structure helps keep the flower afloat?

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Hello again everyone, I've got new pictures from Marcos!

Here's one of him (center) during this latest expedition to the Pantanal:


And here's what he goes there to do, monitor nesting areas of aquatic birds:


The Pantanal is a whole other world!!!! :)

All the Best,


P.S. Amphirion, yes they do look like kelp! As far as we can tell, they're floatation devices to help keep the flowers above the water no matter what.

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Hello everyone,

Here's an update on this topic. In early October my friend Marcos Cardoso returned to the site of U.warmingii in the northern Pantanal flood basin. This is late in the dry season, so I thought you may be interested in seeing what the habitat looks like during this time of year.

Just to remind you though, here's an areal pic of the site during the wet season, when the ranch is flooded, with an arrow indicating the spot where the plants were found:


And now pics of the same spot taken during Marcos' visit in early October 2011:



Yep, I guess that means that all those species grow as annuals at that spot. :)

Best wishes,

Fernando Rivadavia

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Hello everyone,

Marcos just sent me some new pics!! He returned to this site I think in April of last year, here they are:















And here is Marcos standing in the seasonally flooded habitat:


Hope you liked it! ;-)

Fernando Rivadavia

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P.S. I just noticed something really cool in the pic below:


Notice that Marcos broke one of the fat scapes, and.... it's hollow!!! For whatever reason, I was under the false impression that it was some kind of aerenchyma instead. But it has really thin walls and is really just a big air balloon.

Cool, huh???? :)

All the best,

Fernando Rivadavia

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