Sundews in Direct Sunlight

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On 6/21/2011 at 9:28 PM, Guest Andreas Eils said:

Oh, that´s pretty easy now: Just count the number of stigmata on the flowers of your plants! If there are only three then it must be D. omissa x pulchella. If the flowers have four stigmata then it must be D. pulchella x omissa. And finally if your plants in question have five stigmata on their flowers it must be D. pulchella x occidentalis! :D

If I´m sure? No, I´m not! :tongue: It may be like that, but without 100% certainty! Currently obviously no one can tell you for sure if you grow D. pulchella x occidentalis or D. omissa x pulchella. I´ll try to make the cross between D. occidentalis and D. pulchella. If I succeed to receive seed it will take until early spring next year until plants are big enough to see their characteristics. Stupid thing is both species usually self-fertilise. In a seed capsule I can receive seed of the species as well as seed of the cross OR only seeds of the species if the hybridisation failed.

At least this is an honest answer. Are those plants grown as D. pulchella x occidentalis really that cross? Or is it in fact a cross between D. omissa and D. pulchella? This we need to find out. Probably Dieter Kadereit knows the answer - provided he has made that cross himself as well.

So, how should you label your plants? Best you don´t label them at all. Not satisfying, I know. But what do you want to do if you cannot be certain?

Kind regards


Hi all, is there a confirmation about this quoted post?

I don't think that it's always true. Actually I've a drosera pulchella with two floral stems: one has a flower with four stigma and the second one with three stigma. :blink:

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