Czech Republic - Shnilé louky

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today I was on Shnilé louky with some fellows from Darwiniana CP society (for me it's second year). We do management this locality (under guidance of AOPK - Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic), to save one of last habitat of Pinguicula bohemica.

Shnilé louky is part of Jestřebské slatiny situated near Česká Lípa town between villages Jestřebí and Staré splavy. Shnilé louky can be translated probably as Rotted meadows. It's mined out moor land and it is home for many threatened genera (some of them criticaly)! It worth mention, that marsh harrier (Circus aeruginosus) and common crane (Grus grus) nidificate here.

Shnilé louky is one of last habitats (propably last natural habitat) of Pinguicula bohemica and one of biggest habitat of Liparis loeselii orchid in the Czech Republic (someone told me that it is probably biggest in Europe but I don't now this for sure). Other matter of interrest is Lycopodiella inundata which is rare plant too.

From other CPs you can find here Utricularia minor and Drosera rotundifolia.

General view on the large meadow - the second smaller and shaded one is behind the wall of birch trees at the back.


One of the biggest place where P. bohemica grows here.


Pinguicula bohemica

My favourite photo first!



General view of some the growing places and whole plants:






Very nice clump of P. bohemica isn't it?


Some other flower details :smile:



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Utricularia minor starting to grow...


Drosera rotundifolia growing in pure sphagnum moss, sand or soil in here.





And finally some non-carnivorous flora.

Lycopodiella inundata


Dactylorhiza majalis orchid.



And very rare orchid species Liparis loeselii:



Again - hope you will like it! Especially P. bohemica is something worth to see!

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These P.bohemica are beautiful. Good photos, great you managed to spot L.loeselii too. Interesting place to visit!


Actually the place where L. loeselii grows manage AOPK by itself. Darwiniana CP society has permition from AOPK (and it lead all work activities here) for the P. bohemica part of this habitat. Adam (Zlatokrt) may tell more about it (he is the only one I know that work on Shnilé louky along with Darwiniana (and from the begining contrary to me) and goes at CPUK often).

Great pics! I love that dactylorhiza majalis orchid!

Yes it is wonderfull species and it is maybe the most common temperte orchid in Czech Republic (maybe in central Europe??).

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Again some very nice pictures, for sure you have had a lot of fun there.

Same question as last time, on what altitude are the Drosera and Pinguicula growing?

Many thanks for sharing.

Best reagrds,


This one was hard to find - but its altitude is about 250 - 260m.

In this region are lots of other habitats of more other CPs: peat moors around Máchovo jezero (Macha's lake; one of them is called SWAMP), peat moor by Černý rybník (Black fishpond),... but I was not on them yet. As far as I know Drosera intermedia, Drosera anglica, Drosera ×obovata, Utricularia bremii, Utricularia australis and probably more temperate utrics grows there (not sure).

Fortunately Pinguicula vulgaris is not growing nowhere nearby, co it can not cross itself with Pinguicula bohemica --> Pinguicula ×Dostalii.

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Hello to you all!

Today we did another management of this locality of P. bohemica and other interresting plants. I'm glad to say that it seems Pinguicula bohemica is slowly finding new places and there are much more new plants (from seeds and from daughter hibernaculas). We found also lots of new young Liparis loeselii orchid plants all around the place. Both are surely good signs :sun_bespectacled:

And here are some photos from today. Sun was not shining, so the pictures were taken using flashlight, which doesn't look so pretty, but it's enough for documentation.

Main view on the locality:


Here grows mainly Utricularia minor in shallow pools and tracks.


Pinguicula bohemica

Some adult plants growing among reed and other grasses.


Witch circle made of P. bohemicas.


Nearly all of the plants were already preparing themselves for the winter.


Some seedlings, which can be found all around adult plants.


Young plants.


P. bohemica and U. minor growing together on sandy substrate.


Another U.minor picture:

On some places they were starting to produce turions and on others still in growth...


Drosera rotundifolia

Pretty still life...


Some detail




And of course Liparis loeselii...

Plant apperance during autumn...


And seed pots.


Hope You'll enjoy it!

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