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Darwin`s books about CP`s and Orchids

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Last night i read about Charles Darwin and his intrests about plants. Do you know any Darwin`s book what contains information of CP`s and Orchids? I also read that Darwin grow Orchids and he liked much of CP´s and Orchids. So i thinked that some book might contain information of these plants.

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Well now...of course one book springs to mind...(but I didn't know he grew Orchids..)

Charles Darwin: Insectivorous Plants. Published 1875

You can either buy it online, or read it online.

Here you can find out about his Orchid publications:


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Thanks for the very quick answer!

Ok, that book goes to my "must buy list" :biggrin: . I think that i read that Darwin grow Orchids. Darwin`s time Orchids were very popular and some kind of "trend" things. This is intresting thing, maybe somebody who knows better can tell the facts?

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