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How many different species of Orchids you have


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Hi again!

I just noticed, that many people in her owns Orchids, so this kind of question.

I have 6 Phalaenopsis hybrid`s and 1 Cattleya.

So, how many different species of Orchids you have?

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I have a few phalaenopsis, oncidiums, quite a few african species and even more plants without ID. :rolleyes: I don't actually know the names, and I should really start recording what I have. I love orchids almost as much as I do neps, but not quite :wink:

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I have two Phalaenopsis hybrids, one Miltonia hybrid and jewel orchid Ludisia discolor. Hopefully I will find more tropical orchids to grow. Especially looking for Paphiopedilum, Oncidium, Dendrobium, Vanda and Vanilla hybrids and species. Orchids are my favourite noncarnivorous plants. :D

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I have somewhere near 250, mostly (3/4) warm growing but quite a wide spectrum really, I particularly favour Vanda, Madagascans and Paphs, but anything that takes my fancy...................more space needed!!

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I grow a range of Australian terrestrial orchids as well as a few of our native epiphytes. The other main group that I am interested in is the Brazilian rupicolous Laelia species and their allies. I've got bits and pieces of other groups such as a number of Coelogyne sp. and Mexican Laelia.

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Orchids are my first love. At one time I had more than 65 species, but now I only have these...

Cattleya Buttercup "Gold Digger" (Hausermanns10')


Cattleya [white w/ red lip] (Hausermanns10')

Cymbidiumm [Yellow w/ red lip] (Hausermanns11')

Dendrobium "Angel Cream" (Kawamoto11')

Dendrobium "Samurai" (Kawamoto11')

Maxillaria Tenufolia "Coconut Orchid"(hausermanns11')

Phaelonopsis (several varieties and Colors)

Paphiodelum (Home Depot clone)

Phragmepedium "Devil Fire" (Hausermanns11')


Rose Pogonia [bog Orchid](David Crump10')

Chinese Ground Orchid (Perrenial10')

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I have 6 native ones growing naturally on my place:

Malaxis marsupichila.

Habenaria ochroleuca

Habenaria elongata

Geodorum neocaledonicum

Nervilia holochila

Dendrobium affine

There might be more but haven't found any so far.

Plants brought in, I have about 4 other Dendrobiums species, 3 different Spathoglottis, several different Vanda, Vanilla, Arachnis, Arundina, Cattleya, Epidendrum, Bulbophylum, Oncidium, Angraecum, (tropical) Cymbidium.

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I have an ever growing mixed collection of Phragmipedium, Paphiopedilum, Cypripedium, Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Miltonia, Vanda, and many other unusual forms. Here are some photo's a few of my plants that are in flower now.

Paphiopedilum Goldefroyae


Paphiopedilum Concolor









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I have about 300 (give or take) orchids some are very common to some that are very rare ones, they just seem to work for me so I just try to keep happy.

My orchid list (it does need to be updated!)

Acacallis Cyanea

Acineta Superba

Aerides Korat koki

Ascocantrun Miniatum

Barboselle Australis

Beallra Erostar

Betilla Striata

Betilla Striata (pink)

Bifrenaria Aureofulva

Brassavola Cucullata

Brassavola little star

Brassavola Perrinii

Broughtonia Sanguinea Red

Bulbophyllum Ambrosia

Bulbophyllum Corolliferum

Bulbophyllum Eberhardtii

Bulbophyllum Moniliforme

Bulbophyllum Phalaenopsis

Bulbophyllum Purpureorhachis

Calanthe Parelet

Calanthe Rosea

Calanthe Rozel

Cattleya Blc. Arom Gold

Cattleya Blc. King of Taiwan

Cattleya Guttata lucky star X C.landate

Cattleya Varut palin "spotty"

Cattleya Walkeriana var Alba

Chysis Bractescens

Chysis leavis

Cirrhopetalum Elizabeth Ann

Cleisostoma Elegans

Coelogyne Cristata var Alba

Coelogyne Cristata

Coelogyne Fimbrata

Coelogyne Ochracea

Coelogyne Pandurata

Coelogyne Usitana

Cycnoches Herrenhusanum

Cymbidium Aloifolium

Cymbidium Tigrinum

Cypripedium Dietrich

Dendrobium Anosmum

Dendrobium Capillipes

Dendrobium Chrysotoxum

Dendrobium Cretaceum

Dendrobium Delacourii

Dendrobium Friedericksianum

Dendrobium Jenkinsii

Dendrobium Kingianum

Dendrobium Lamellatum

Dendrobium Lampongense

Dendrobium Pachyphyllum

Dendrobium Parishii

Dendrobium Pendulum

Dendrobium Pulchellum

Dendrobium Secundum

Dendrobium Senile

Dendrobium Speciosum

Dendrobium Speciosum White

Dendrobium Tanii

Dendrobium Tanii

Dendrobium Taunhani

Dendrochilum cobbianum

Dendrochilum glumaceum

Dichaea Pendula

Disa Kewensis

Disa Watsonii

Doritis Pulcherrima var Alba

Dryadella zebrina

Encylia Cochleata

Epidendrum Peperomia

Epidendrum Stamfordianum

Epidendrum Star Valley

Epipactis Gigantea

Epipactis Sabine

Gastrochillus Japonicus

Gongora Galeata var Luteo-Alba

Grammatophyllum Yunnan Tiger

Leptotes Unicolor


Ludisia Discolor

Ludisia Discolor Nigrescens

lycaste deppei

Lycaste lassioglossa

lycaste virginalis

Malaxis lalifola "frisky"

Malaxis Purpurea

Masdevallia Rosea

Masdevallia Asterotriciha

Masdevallia Coccinea

Masdevallia Davisii

Masdevallia Floribunda

Masdevallia Hampshire Prolific

Masdevallia Ignea

Masdevallia Parlatoriana

Maxillaria Ochroleuca

Maxillaria Tenuifolia 'Red'

Mediocalcar Decoratum

Miltonia Red Night King

Neofinetia falcata blue star

Neolauchea Pulchella

Oncidium Globuliferum

Paphiopedilum Barbatum

Paphiopedilum Clair de Lune

Paphiopedilum Delenatii

Papitiowanthe Teres

Paraphalaenopsis Labukensis

Peristeria Elata

Phaius Tankervilleae

phalaenopis Equestris var Fata

Phalaenopsis Amabilis

Phalaenopsis Bellina

Phalaenopsis Mini Mark

Phalaenopsis Praishii B/S

Phalaenopsis Stuartiana

Phragmipedium Pulchellum

Phragmipedium Umbrid

Pleione Muculata

Prosthechea cochleata

Psychopsis Papilio

Pterostylis Curta

Pterostylis vittata

Restrepia Pelyx

Restrepies Brachypus

Restrepies Guttulata

Rhymcholaelia Gluca

Rhynchostele Cervantesii

Rhynchostele Rossii

Rhynchostylis Gigantea var alba

Rossioglossum Grande

Rossioglossum Schlieperianum

Sarcochilius Ceciliae Alba

Sarcochilus Ceciliae

Sarcochilus falcus

Schomburgkia Galeottiana

Scutacaria Hadwenii

Seidenfadenia Mitrata

Sophronitis purpurata

Stanhopea Plemont X Moduroi

Stanhopea Tigrina

Vanda 'Annette Jones'

Vanda 'Orange Magic'

Vanda Pimchai Beauty x Katsuulea

Vanilla Planifolia

Zygopetalum Maculatume

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Wow :shock:, many great list and orchids!

My own collection has grow little bit, my plants now: 11 Phalaeonopsis hybrids, 1 Dendrobium nobile, 1 Cattleya sp., 1 Paphiopedilum hybrid, 1 Miltonia hybrid and one that i havent id.

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